Hillary Clinton And Kamala Harris Called Me Too Hypocrites For Supporting Joe Biden Amid Tara Reade Allegations

Hillary Clinton And Kamala Harris Called Me Too Hypocrites For Supporting Joe Biden Amid Tara Reade Allegations
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Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris are being called Me Too hypocrites by Conservatives nationwide for their response and support of Joe Biden following Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations. The Me Too movement began as a way for overlooked, underage black girls to have a voice. Tarana Burke began the movement before Alyssa Milano used it for what many view as a political strategy. Alyssa used the movement and hashtag to target Harvey Weinstein and then Brett Kavanaugh. Now, it seems that the MeToo movement is being used as a political strategy, but only when it applies to the Republican or Conservative side. Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris did not stand by Tara Reade when she made her allegations and instead ignored her plight by fundraising for Joe Biden.

People who support Reade were quick to point out one of Kamala Harris' very own tweets back in October 2018, less than a month following the Blasey-Ford, Kavanaugh hearings. When it was Christine Blasey Ford making allegations against a then-candidate for the Supreme Court, Me Too proponents insisted that Brett Kavanaugh should be disqualified and have his nomination revoked immediately.

When allegations were made against Joe Biden, who is running for the office of president, the same women became deadly silent.

Now, many are pointing out that you either believe all victims or cease with the MeToo cancel culture entirely because you can't have it both ways. Me Too can't be a weapon against Conservatives yet a non-factor if the person being accused is a Democrat or leans towards liberal views.

There is an article on Donald Trump Jr.'s website that takes a closer look at this situation and refers to Kamala and Clinton as #MeToo hypocrites and judging by the social media response to their support of Joe Biden and response to Tara Reade's claims, many agree.

You may see Tara Reade's interview with Megyn Kelly below.

You may see a new digital ad about the Me Too controversy below.

What do you think? Has the Me Too movement turned into a political weapon?

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  • Neal Phyte
    Neal Phyte Aug 1, 2020 8:38 AM PDT

    Reade has been outed as a serial liar and a serial grifter. The exact details of the alleged Biden "sexual assault" were uncannily similar to a novel written by her father. IOW: Fiction. No we don't need to listen to her bs.

  • bernie4ever
    bernie4ever Jul 17, 2020 8:29 PM PDT

    Ms Reade is a Grifter who cares what the insane right has to say

  • Anna for Justice
    Anna for Justice Jul 17, 2020 8:21 AM PDT

    TARA READE is a known liar who is under federal perjury investigation. She lied repeatedly under oath about her employment and education history and was trying to make money by smearing Biden. She provided false expert witness testimony in dozens of trials and will likely be headed to jail for ruining dozens of victims lives in the trials she lied in to convict them. Watch out, this con woman is on the run!

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