Jennifer Lopez Twins Emme And Max Put Her In Hot Seat During YouTube Interview Video – Watch It Here

Jennifer Lopez Twins Emme And Max Put Her In Hot Seat During YouTube Interview Video – Watch It Here
Credit: YouTube

Jennifer Lopez was interviewed by her twins Emme and Max for a YouTube video she uploaded to her channel. Her kids were thrilled to put their mom in the hot seat and did not hold back from asking some pretty revealing questions.

From the second the camera started rolling, her twins did not miss a beat interviewing their famous mom. The kids were a little shy at first, but once they got in their groove, they kept firing questions at th e Second Act actress.

Max kicked things off by asking what the worst thing Lopez got in trouble for when she was a kid. The answer was sneaking out of the house. However, since she is a mom the singer kept reiterating, she was mostly a good kid even though she was constantly being sent to her by her mom.

The first part of the interview is Max wanting to learn more about what his mom was like as a child. Then they started getting into some interesting topics of conversation, like the subject of Math. Max wanted to know if Lopez thought it was useless because he is not a fan. She gave a tried and true mom answer.

"I did not think it was useless, ever. It was not my favorite though," the 49-year-old replied.

Emme was not about to be outshined by her brother. The young woman asked a question no mother ever wants to be asked or answer.

"Am I your favorite?" Emme wanted to know.

"I don't have a favorite. I don't believe in favorites. I love you. I could never think of one of you more than the other. I don't understand that. I love you both so much," Alex Rodriguez's fiancé stated firmly.

Again, another good mom answer. The entire video is super cute, and the family is having the best time. Lopez was candid about what it was like to become a mother, as well as telling her kids the story of how she first knew she was pregnant.

Jennifer Lopez's twins Max and Emmy did an outstanding job of asking their mom questions. They learned about her childhood, what motherhood is like and also some personal observations she had about her children. At one point during the interview Lopez shares a few of her favorite qualities about her daughter and son.

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