New BFF’s Alert Chip And Joanna Gaines Have Fun Filled Weekend With Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez

New BFF’s Alert Chip And Joanna Gaines Have Fun Filled Weekend With Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez
Credit: Instagram

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have a new couple friend, Chip and Joanna Gaines. The new best friends spent the entire weekend together in the Gaines hometown of Waco, Texas.

One month after the Fixer Upper star and the Second Act actress were spotted on the beach in Malibu , sparking rumors they were working on their own home improvement project, they brought their men together for a fun-filled weekend. The hard to miss foursome was spotted walking around downtown Waco taking in the sights, as well as posing for pictures.

Both Rodrigues and Chip shared a picture of them with their lovely ladies on Instagram. Both men were thrilled to have spent time together.

They did not share what the weekend entailed but one of the pictures tagged the group hanging at Magnolia Market. Everyone knows the famed market in Waco is owned by the Gaines and is a must-see shopping destination for visitors, even A-list Hollywood stars.

A-Rod and Lopez's visit to Texas appeared to be an extension of his anniversary gift to his soon to be wife.

"Best anniversary gift ever," the mother of two commented on one of her fiancé's posts featuring them with their new best pals.

Lopez has been a super fan of the Gaines, but especially Joanna, for years. Her wish was to have the famous interior designer help her and her man fix up a Malibu property they recently purchased, which was in desperate need of some love. For their second anniversary, the former Yankees player had Joanna FaceTime his lady love.

A few weeks later Joanna was photographed with the Hustler star and baby Crew on a Malibu beach. There has not been any word on whether the two ladies will be working on the home together or if the mother of five was just sharing some brilliant design ideas. Cameras were rolling at the time, giving fans hope they're not only working together but it might just play out on TV too.

Whether they work together or not, the ladies and their men have appeared to form a new-found friendship. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez traveled to Texas over the weekend to see first-hand all the hard work Chip and Joanna Gaines have put into their various projects. Both couples were enamored with each other and displayed it all on social media.


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