Ashley Benson And Cara Delevingne Fiercely Fire Back At Homophobic Haters!

Ashley Benson And Cara Delevingne Fiercely Fire Back At Homophobic Haters!
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Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are still going strong and they even take on haters together! When a couple of homophobic Instagram users attacked their relationship, the stars clapped back.

It all started when someone encouraged Ashley to leave her girlfriend and date a ‘strong, religious man’ instead.

Naturally, both were very upset and fiercely defended their ‘true love.’

The user running a fan account for Ashley shared a clip that supposedly showed Cara ‘tying up and slapping’ a friend.

The main idea of that post? ‘Ashley deserves better!’

But that was not all! Another troll also joined in, saying some pretty disgusting things.

‘I’m serious you need to stay away from that devil and never go back I am sure many strong handsome religious men would take you back in a heartbeat. You aren't like this you are not gay you love men and need one.’

Ashley was quick to clap back, writing: ‘You need to mind your own business. Stop making things up.’

Then it was Cara’s turn to react and she had a lot to say!

‘You are f*****g disgusting! If you have a problem with true love come and say this s*it to my face instead pathetically hating on Instagram. I genuinely feel really sorry for you both, you're clearly not happy with your lives and have way too much time on your hands. Maybe get a hobby that does not involve being homophobic and hating others for being happy.’

At this point, Cara and Ashley had never actually confirmed their relationship but Cara defending their ‘true love’ is the closest they’ve ever been to making it official.

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