Jennifer Lopez Is Glamorous In Fausto Puglisi — Breaks Down In New It's My Party Tour Video

Jennifer Lopez Is Glamorous In Fausto Puglisi — Breaks Down In New It's My Party Tour Video
Credit: Source: Steven Gomillion/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez shared a video for her It's My Party Tour, and fans might be surprised to see the nearly 50-year-old entertainer at a vulnerable place. In the video, Jennifer shows that the life of a superstar isn't all it's cracked up to be. After one of Jennifer's phenomenal shows, she reveals the doubts and fears she dealt with as she put her performance under intense scrutiny and didn't believe she had given the people all they had paid for.

It's a shocking look at a woman who exudes self-confidence, assuredness, and even perfection. J-Lo is as human as the rest of us and she bleeds red  —  even when she's on stage with a face injury. In one part of the video, J-Lo is seen crying with a visible gash near her eye and explains that she was wiping away blood on stage. She also revealed she had performed for two days with a fever, and displayed a very strong level of excellence that she holds herself to. It was clear that if Jennifer Lopez doesn't meet the level of professionalism and excellence she sets for herself, she struggles.

Lucky for Jennifer, she has an amazing team that supports her led by her fiance Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod. Alex was there to praise Jennifer and let her know that the imperfections and flaws she magnified were invisible to her fans and the world.

You may watch Jennifer Lopez's video from her It's My Party Tour Diary below.

As if her team wanted to remind Jennifer of the goddess she truly is, several of those who have worked directly with her shared a throwback photo of Jennifer looking extremely beautiful wearing the Italian designer Fausto Puglisi.  Jennifer's team immediately praised the photo and shared it on their own Instagram pages. 

Jennifer wore the high slit gown in her 2013 video for the song "Ni Tu Niyo." The gown was from Puglisi's collection. You may see the full photo as shared by photographer Steven Gomillion as well as another photo showing the gown and a model from the collection's release below.

Jennifer has a huge team that not only supports her but loves her and is there to support her when she lets the worries of life get to her.

It may be that Jennifer is feeling a little conflicted as she celebrates her fiftieth birthday on July 24, 2019. What do you think of Jennifer's video where she had a breakdown?

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