Russell Wilson Made Ciara Run Away By Asking Her This In Their Wedding Anniversary Video

Russell Wilson Made Ciara Run Away By Asking Her This In Their Wedding Anniversary Video
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Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson, have another reason to flaunt their beautiful love -- the power couple is celebrating their third wedding anniversary, and they could not be happier.

Via social media, the NFL star posted a sweet video where he is professing his love for Ciara. He called Ciara a great mother and a wonderful woman and took the opportunity to ask for another baby. The baby request made Ciara run away.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback told the singer: "Year three, my love. You know, she's a special, special woman but I love that about you. We love our kids, and you're such a great mom."

Ciara, who had the smile of love, responded by: "And you're such a great father."

Russell continued: "You're just an amazing woman and an inspiration to so many people and so many ladies around the world. I love you for who you mean."

Ciara replied: "And I love you for who you are." Russell concluded by: "To many years of more love and fun and joy ... and... and kids." Ciara said, "Oh!" and ran off.

Ciara also shared a video showing the birth of their daughter, Sienna, now 2, of Future Zahir meeting his sister for the first time and her big wedding day.

One fan said: "Happy anniversary! You guys are proof that fairytales do exist! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. ❤️#favecouple. Them years hit different when you a happy in a non-toxic relationship. Bruh how can you not love them.🤧"

Another commenter stated: "Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson! Continue being a shining example of Black love and excellence! We appreciate your example 🙏🏾❤️The same ones saying this is corny are the same ones screaming “City Gworl Summer” on their ride home w/ friends that don’t like them in real life. I hope I get called corny too when I’m married, hell!!"

This follower explained: "Happy Anniversary, you two!❤️❤️ You both are equally blessed to have found each other. The love and respect you both have for each other are simply Beautiful. You guys are such an inspirational couple. I am wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. ❤️❤️"

Those two are living the dream when it comes to love and raising a beautiful family.

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