Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez: Pretending For Publicity?

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez: Pretending For Publicity?
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Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez pretending for publicity? This is a question many people are asking because of an upcoming article in the upcoming April 12, 2o21, issue of Life & Style magazine. The couple went public with their engagement back on March 9, 2019, and for over two years, fans have waited for the pair to walk down the aisle. Now, many believe they never will and that any signs of the duo as a couple are actually staged for cameras. Rumors that Alex cheated have flooded social media and Madison LeCroy, from Southern Charm is the woman at the center of the scandal.

As the rumors heated up, so too did news that J. Lo and A-Rod were over, but just as quickly as the news spread photos of Jennifer and Alex together in the Dominican Republic surfaced. The couple was photographed kissing in the Dominican Republic and everyone thought the couple was doing well and back together, but now people aren't convinced.

Jennifer Lopez is a gorgeous woman who is still on top of her game. She's 51-years-old and continues to earn critical acclaim, accolades, and awards for her talents. She is a true multi-hyphenate and most people can't understand why Alex Rodriguez would cheat on her in the first place. Additionally, many people have expressed the sentiment that if Alex is unfaithful this early in the game, and before they are married, Jennifer would be better off without him. But some question if she feels the same and is simply wanting to keep the appearance that everything is smooth in her personal life as she prepares to release her new movie Shotgun Wedding .

A source spoke to the publication about Jennifer Lopez 's and Alex Rodriguez's public display of affection in the Dominican Republic and stated the following.

Who are they trying to fool now? Their make-out sessions are totally staged if you ask me. When no one is looking, they tone it down.

You may see a report including a video showing Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez kissing in the Dominican Republic below.

The source continued to dish on the couple and believes it's all an act.

They want everyone to believe they're still the perfect couple, but really, she feels humiliated and is struggling to forgive Alex.

What do you think? Does Jennifer Lopez truly forgive Alex Rodriguez or are they simply pretending for publicity? Are you going to watch Shotgun Wedding when it premieres?

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