Alex Rodriguez Reportedly ‘Begging’ Jennifer Lopez To Work On Their Relationship Amid Split Reports!

Alex Rodriguez Reportedly ‘Begging’ Jennifer Lopez To Work On Their Relationship Amid Split Reports!
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According to some new reports, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are back together and working on their relationship problems. This comes after the news that the two stars had put an end to their engagement.

A source tells HollywoodLife that they are trying to fix it, mostly because Rodriguez was 'begging' Lopez to not give up on what they have.

'Alex has been begging for Jennifer to continue working with him on things. He's working really hard now to fix things which is why he flew out to the Dominican Republic. He’s willing to do anything to get back on track with her. They have been fighting for a while. They were already doing therapy and are continuing it right now for the sake of their relationship. They’re both putting in the time to work on this.'

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been making headlines amid speculation that their romance was not doing very well.

Then, a report by Page Six appeared, saying that the celebs had decided to break their engagement.

But, soon after, A-Rod and J.Lo., released a statement in which they made it clear that they are 'working through some things,' and the man even told reporters he is 'not single' when they asked him while out and about earlier this month.

In the meantime, Alex has flown to the Dominican Republic, where his triple threat significant other has been shooting her upcoming movie, Shotgun Wedding.

She's been clearly focusing on her job lately and not giving the drama in her life too much attention for the time being.

That being said she even posted a couple of pics of her in a wedding dress at the beach, which she had to wear for scenes in the movie she recently filmed.

'Eye on the prize,' she wrote in the caption.

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