Jen Harley Says She Won't Be On Jersey Shore Again -- Gives Update On Baby Ariana

Jen Harley Says She Won't Be On Jersey Shore Again -- Gives Update On Baby Ariana
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Jen Harley has gained quite the reputation on Jersey Shore. Ronnie Magro's baby mama claims that she's done with the show and gave an update on baby Ariana.

Ariana Magro is almost two. Her mom spoke to Champion Daily on what it's like being a single mom to a toddler now that her first child is a teenager.

'Ariana can sing most of her ABCs. She knows her colors and shapes, she is talking so much! We have also been potty training!'

She also revealed that they are self-quarantining in order to not contract the Coronavirus.

'We are holding up! I am definitely prepared for anything! (I hope). We are on day 2 of quarantine at home and so far we are ok. It just feels like a normal weekend. We have been watching a lot of movies.. a lot!.. We have been cooking dinner, she loves to help, she is very intrigued when it comes to cooking! We have lots of arts and crafts to do later down the road and a fun backyard to play in!'

Fortunately, if things get worse -- Harley has friends she can go and stay with during this pandemic.

She explained how her life has changed since giving birth.


'I’ve never really been a single mom of a baby and believe me it’s not that easy trying to start a new career and having a 1 year old 24/7. So I give a lot of props to all you single mamas because we definitely have to put our lives last and on hold for our kids!'

She went on to say that she is still seven pounds over the weight she was pre-baby.

As far as if she'll ever be on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, it sounds like she's done for good.

'Absolutely not! (I’m) staying far away from that mess!'

She did not discuss the status between her and Ronnie Magro.

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