Spike Lee Agrees With Cannes Film Festival President On Festival's Postponement

Spike Lee Agrees With Cannes Film Festival President On Festival's Postponement
Credit: Source: Untitled-Magazine.com

Cannes Film Festival has been on the front-lines of groundbreaking cinema for the last 73 years, and this year, the festival was going to break records after they selected director Spike Lee to be the first black president of the jury, ever.

Cannes Film Festival has been kind to Spike Lee over the years, including through the provision of premiere locations for three of his most popular films, including BlacKkKlansman , Do The Right Thing , and She's Gotta Have It.

On Thursday, however, the Cannes Film Festival president announced they were going to postpone the date until later this year. Typically, the event is held between the dates of the 12th of May and the 23rd, just before the summer months begin.

Thierry Fremaxu, the director of the Cannes Film Festival, is reportedly fighting hard to see if he can reschedule the prestigious film festival until June or maybe even the month after, July. During a recent conversation with reporters from Variety, Spike Lee explained that he agreed with Thierry's decision "100%."

Spike Lee backed up the president's suggestion that the world was currently at war, but with a virus. Lee went on to say that many things people do for entertainment have taken a back seat for the moment, including basketball, TV, movies, and so on.

The acclaimed director added that he would make himself available as the president regardless of the date, explaining that it was the world's biggest cinema festival, and he'll be the first black president. As for how he has been coping with the pandemic, Lee explained that he has been hanging out with family.

Additionally, Lee spoke on the daily press conferences given by Trump and his coronavirus task force. Spike said he thought it was wise for the president to stop calling it the "Chinese virus."

According to Lee, using such terminology is putting Asian-Americans in the United States at risk of attack. "Hopefully, his base will understand," Spike said to reporters.


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