Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Allegedly Expecting A Baby With New Ex-Girlfriend -- Her Ex Dissaproves!

Southern Charm Alum Thomas Ravenel Allegedly Expecting A Baby With New Ex-Girlfriend -- Her Ex Dissaproves!
Credit: Source: Deadline

Thomas Ravenel is becoming a father. The man that is in his late 50's is allegedly expecting a baby with the woman he dated after Ashley Jacobs.

Heather Mascoe is a nurse who once dated Charleston restaurateur Leo Chiagkouris. They share two children.

She has been said to have been dating the Southern Charm alum since last summer after his break up with Ashley.

Once her ex found out who her new love interest was, he allegedly launched a campaign -- both around Charleston and online -- against Thomas.

Leo allegedly found out that the mother of his children allowed the Ravenel to spend the night and hung a banner on his house that read: 'KEEP THIS GUY OF OF YOUR HOUSE WHILE MINORS ARE SLEEPING.'

The banner, plastered with Thomas' face, went on to say what he was indicted for.

Meanwhile, this information has come to light by Fit News.

A source told them that they saw Heather at the OB-GYN. He is trying to keep the pregnancy under wraps.

The insider claimed: 'Thomas is doing everything he can to keep a lid on this. He’s told Heather not to go out and even people who know are afraid to say anything because Thomas is so aggressive when he is crossed.'

They went on to say that Kathryn Dennis was told by her attorney.


This comes just weeks after Thomas and Kathryn sparked romance rumors from pictures shared to Instagram.

The newest season of the show started taping not long after. Unfortunately, it has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thomas claims that he won't be going back to the show no matter how badly they need him for storylines.

He made headlines recent went he went on an explicit rant about Patricia Altschul .

This alleged baby due in June would be his third at 57-years-old.

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  • Nancy
    Nancy Mar 22, 2020 6:39 PM PDT

    Thomas Ravenel is gross & was fired from the show. He's a malignant narcissist with a sickness for young women! He has no respect for any female! I guess he was never taught respect! He's a known felon & predator. His father's $ got him off & political ties, it's disgusting!!

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