Jeff Bezos Ditches Google Meet Up To Say Hi To Parents Of Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez

Jeff Bezos Ditches Google Meet Up To Say Hi To Parents Of Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez
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According to a report from Page Six, Jeff Bezos was recently invited to a Google Camp, but he bailed on the event on account of the fact he was also invited to meet the parents of his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez.

The Amazon boss was invited to meet up with Prince Harry and many other celebrities, and he chose not to on account of logistics, claim sources who spoke with the outlet. Previously, the Amazon CEO met up with the son of Lauren, Nikko Gonzalez, who was in New York City.

Late last week, sources claim Jeff was invited to meet with Eleanor and Ray Sanchez, the parents of his girlfriend. Reportedly, Lauren's family loves to fly. Lauren, herself, is a helicopter pilot while her father is a flight instructor and also owns a school in New Mexico.

Eleanor has a pilot's license as well, and Bezos, on the other hand, is putting millions of dollars into his space company, Blue Origin. While celebrating the Fourth of July Weekend in New York City, Lauren took Mr. Bezos for a helicopter ride.

Fans of the couple are beginning to wonder if Jeff will actually propose to her, however, as most know, he and his ex-wife recently got a divorce which ended up costing billions of dollars. MacKenzie Bezos was reported as walking away with approximately $36 billion claims Fortune Magazine.

The media spectacle first began when the National Enquirer got their hands on nudes and text messages between Mr. Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. Subsequently, it was revealed that Jeff and MacKenzie were going their separate ways.

The Washington Post owner and his co-founder wife released a joint statement in which they said they didn't regret their time together, but it was simply time to move on.

The separation between the two mega-billionaires was the subject of many jokes and memes on Twitter and other social media platforms, due to the fact Jeff is the world's richest man but was reported to be no longer on account of the money he recently lost in a divorce.

Business Insider, however, claims he still is the world's richest man, moreover, MacKenzie worked alongside Jeff and was instrumental in the creation of the company.

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