Jay-Z Surprises Beyonce With Birthday Cake And Serenades Her In Videos As New Pregnancy Rumors Surface

Jay-Z Surprises Beyonce With Birthday Cake And Serenades Her In Videos As New Pregnancy Rumors Surface
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It was a special day for Beyonce because many of her friends and family members including Jay-Z gathered at the Made in America festival to sing her a happy birthday.

The Texas diva was casually dressed as she watched her loved-ones sing, and she eventually blew the candles on her birthday cake, (her actual birthday is on the 4th of September).

The videos sparked a debate on whether Beyonce is pregnant of she is now sporting a thicker figure.

One person said: "Beyoncé can’t even be thick anymore without being called pregnant. She’s hasn’t done anything performance-related since the end of last year. Let the woman eat in peace!"

A second follower added: "This isn't just Beyoncé being thick... I said the same thing at first it’s obvious she’s pregnant now.🙄"

A third supporter explained: "Let her be pregnant in peace!!! @mstinalawson a tell it when it’s time! Please, and thank you! Good day love. ❤️ 😘"

This commenter revealed: "Imagine gaining a lil weight and seeing many comments asking are you pregnant — mind you all business. 🤦🏾‍♂️Everybody sees a baby bump as if the belly isn't the same size or bigger 🤣🤣🤣 all I see is a belly that looks just like mine. Beyoncé is repping for us!!"

Beyonce has recently given her fans a lot to talk with just one photo showing her holding her belly. While there has been no official confirmation about her possible pregnancy, that is the implication that most of her fans seem to have gotten from the photo.

She was wearing a stylish dress and had her arms crossed, with extra focus placed on her belly. While the picture would usually be seen as rather innocent and unassuming, Beyonce's fans know better.

The singer has a history of teasing her followers about major developments in her life, and she has done that several times in the past already.

With that in mind, many suspect that there might be an actual pregnancy announcement coming up sometime soon. Is Beyonce hiding a baby bump in the picture, though?

This has been the subject of much debate lately, as some of her fans seem convinced that the rest are reading too much into the photo.

As can be expected, Beyonce herself has been relatively quiet on the situation and has refused to reveal any additional details.

However, if she is indeed pregnant, it likely will not be long until her fans get an actual confirmation. After all, with her high public profile, it would be impossible to conceal something like that for too long.

Do you think Queen Bey is pregnant?

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