Is #Snakegate A Ploy Orchestrated By Yovanna Momplaisir Who Is 'Thirsty' For A RHOA Peach?

Is #Snakegate A Ploy Orchestrated By Yovanna Momplaisir Who Is 'Thirsty' For A RHOA Peach?
Credit: Source: MTO

Real Housewives of Atlanta just set up the storyline of the season that has been referred to as Snakegate. An insider of the group recorded Cynthia Bailey saying some less than flattering things about Nene Leakes and the ladies are dying to get to the bottom of it.

So far, the two frontrunners for being the alleged snake are Marlo Hampton, who has since denied being the culprit, and Yovanna Momplaisir who has been desperately trying to become a RHOA regular by cozying up to both Nene and Cynthia.

Radar Online is claiming that the snake is, in fact, Yovanna from Clark. However, the infamous recording may not even exist!

A new source told the website that the recording hasn't actually been heard by anyone on the cast or even in production!

'Of course, Yovanna is the ‘snake’ they all speak of, but she didn’t do it all by herself. Yovanna dishes out so much trash talking, stirring up trouble, but Cynthia and Kenya are in the middle of it all. There is allegedly audio but to date no cast member or staffers have heard said audio.'

Yovanna has been trying to get on the main cast ever since they introduced her at a dinner gone awry since the last season.

So the claim that she is the only one to have knowledge of the audio makes sense because she may have made it up just to be a part of a storyline.

A different source is claiming the CAU alum is desperate for a peach so she has inserted herself in the middle of a war that was already waging between Bailey and Leakes.

'Yovanna is thirsty for a peach. You will see that this season she is playing both sides in hopes that she will make it to full-time next season.'

Do you think the recording exists? Is Yovanna up to something?


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