Is Kim Kardashian Ready To File For A Divorce From Kanye West?

Is Kim Kardashian Ready To File For A Divorce From Kanye West?
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Is Kim Kardashian ready to file for a divorce from Kanye West? That's the going rumor on social media and the reports are saying that Kim already has the divorce papers ready to go. According to reports from the National Enquirer, Kanye's spirituality has become his main focus and sources have told the outlet that they sleep in separate rooms and are living separate lives. The report also says the couple hasn't had sexual relations for almost a year. Now, Kanye is demanding changes in the home and reports suggest that Kim isn't down with it.

The National Enquirer reported the following.

"Kim and Kanye’s sex life has been nonexistent for at least 12 months!” tattled an insider. “They’re sleeping in separate bedrooms and fallen into a rut where they don’t need or want the physical stuff. At least, Kanye doesn’t, and the last thing Kim will do is beg him to sleep with her.

The report also says that should Kim file the papers, there would be $600 million at stake. According to the National Enquirer's source, the only thing keeping Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together is their kids.

You may see the report below.

The news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven't been having a sexually intimate relationship has left many people convinced that the divorce is in the works and that it is very possible Kim will file the paperwork.

People have been worried that Kim and Kanye are moving in opposite directions, especially since Kanye has become extremely spiritual. His conversion has resulted in many changes in their personal life and many people feel that there is no way the two can make their marriage work now that they have become so different.

It's unknown whether Kim and Kanye are involved in any type of marriage counseling or if they are getting advice from a religious or spiritual leader.

What do you think? Do you think that Kim and Kanye are on the verge of divorce? Do you believe the National Enquirer report saying that the couple no longer is sexually active?

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