Is Jessica Simpson Struggling With Her Sobriety Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Is Jessica Simpson Struggling With Her Sobriety Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic?
Credit: Source: Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Is Jessica Simpson struggling with her sobriety due to the Coronavirus pandemic? That's one of the topics people are discussing this weekend due to an article that is in the upcoming May 18, 2020, issue of the National Enquirer that is on stands now. According to the report, Jessica is struggling with her sobriety due to all of the pressure that is happening. Jessica hasn't responded to the report and there is nothing to indicate that she is on the brink of relapse or losing her sobriety.

The source stated the following to the National Enquirer.

"She's having a hard time in quarantine. She's struggling with her sobriety. It's been a struggle. Her friends don't believe she's turned to drinking again, but there's been a lot of talk about it, so much so she's needed extra therapy."

Again, there is nothing that confirms this report from the National Enquirer is true and many of Jessica's fans are upset about the article as they say that it may be triggering for her and if it is false, could cause her to actually start drinking.

Jessica opened up about her emotional struggles and past addiction in her autobiography Open Book  that became a New York Times Best Seller.

You may see several photos of Jessica Simpson with her book below.

The source pointed out how Jessica was able to gain her sobriety through therapy and addressing the childhood sexual abuse she endured. The report stated that no one thinks Jessica has fallen off the wagon, but that her friends are worried the stress may get to her.

What do you think about the National Enquirer's report? Do you think that it is harmful to those who are in recovery to see themselves in the media with people speculating that they have relapsed?

Jessica Simpson hasn't addressed anything on social media that would indicate she is having a difficult time with the pandemic or lockdown orders. What do you think?

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