Is Jennifer Garner Hurt That Ben Affleck Has Moved On With Ana De Armas?

Is Jennifer Garner Hurt That Ben Affleck Has Moved On With Ana De Armas?
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Is Jennifer Garner hurt that Ben Affleck has moved on with Ana de Armas? That's the subject of an upcoming article in the June 29, 2020, issue of Star magazine. According to the report, Jennifer Garner is having a hard time letting go of ex-husband Ben Affleck now that he is happy with Ana. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have three children together: Violet (14), Seraphina (11), and Samuel (8). Ben and Jennifer have co-parented their children together since the couple split in 2018 and now, Ben has introduced his children to his new love, Ana de Armas. Recent photos showing Ana playing with the kids have gone viral and it is evident that the children adore her.

The source told the publication that even though Jennifer let the children meet Ana she's having a hard time simply letting Ben Affleck go now that he doesn't need her anymore.

The source stated the following.

"She's always wanted him to be happy, but seeing Ben and Ana's love story play out so publicly is hard for her. Jen remembers when she and Ben first fell in love, and it stings."

The publication continued to state that Jennifer is still a bit sad that Ben moved on with Ana de Armas and not her. The source continued.

"She's pleased to see Ben finally find peace and happiness, especially since he's kept his word and stayed off the booze. Jen did everything she could to set him on the right path and save their marriage. It hurts that he's taking such good care of himself with Ana but couldn't do that with her. "

Even though Jennifer is dealing with her own issues, the report continued to say that Jennifer is still happy and supportive of Ben's relationship with Ana. The article continued.

"Jen's met Ana several times. It's all very cordial if a little awkward."

What do you think about the report? Do you believe that Jennifer is having a hard time letting Ben Affleck go?

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