Ben Affleck's Fourth Child's Mother Jennifer Garner Is Ecstatic To Get Rid Of Him

Ben Affleck has received nothing but excessive praise from Jennifer Garner, her ex-husband. Even […]

Posted on Aug 27, 2022 2:06 AM

Jennifer Garner Is Unbothered During Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Wedding

While Ben Affleck switches one Jennifer for another, the earlier Jennifer (Garner) remains unbothered […]

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Young People Are Being Cautioned By Jennifer Garner Against Cosmetic Injections

Jennifer Garner's style guidance has been reliable for a very long time despite changing […]

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Almost 18 Years After They Broke Up, Jennifer Lopez Is Getting Married To Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has said that she is going to marry Ben Affleck, 18 years […]

Posted on Apr 17, 2022 2:34 PM

Ben Affleck invites ex-wife to wed with Jennifer Lopez

The other day, Jennifer Lopez delighted fans by announcing that she was marrying Ben […]

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Jennifer Garner Says Her Kids Are Like Fungus In Funny New Post - Here's Why!

Jennifer Garner took to her platform to compare her kids to - fungus! But […]

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Jennifer Garner And John Miller Reportedly Back Together 9 Months After Split!

According to some new reports, Jennifer Garner and CaliBurger CEO John Miller are back […]

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Jennifer Garner Swears Off Plastic Surgery — She's The Real Deal

Jennifer Garner went viral after sharing that after having three children, her baby bump […]

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Jennifer Garner Just Got Her Ears Pierced For The First Time At 48 - Here's Why She Waited For So Long!

The actress revealed while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show not too long ago, that […]

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Jennifer Garner Talks About Her And Ben Affleck's Divorce - Reveals The Hardest Part!

Three years after their separation was made official, Jennifer Garner still recalls what it […]

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