Did Brad Pittt Kick Jennifer Aniston Out Of His House?

Did Brad Pittt Kick Jennifer Aniston Out Of His House?
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Did Brad Pitt break up with Jennifer Aniston and kick her out of his house again? That's the subject of a new article in the upcoming June 29, 2020, issue of Star magazine. People have followed Jennifer Aniston's and Brad Pitt's relationship since they first married on July 29, 2000. The couple divorced on October 2, 2005, after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie filmed their movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith . Later, Angelina Jolie would refer to the movie as the time when she and Brad Pitt fell in love — much to the dismay of Jennifer Aniston's fans.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie then became one of Hollywood's power couple having been together from 2004 until September 2016. Brad Pitt struggled following the public divorce and eventually sought treatment for alcoholism and is now living a happy, healthy, and sober life. Though he appeared estranged from Angelina Jolie and his relationship with his children was reportedly tense, there were many who secretly hoped Brad and Jennifer would find their way back to one another.

It didn't look like it would happen.

Things changed when on January 19, 2020, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunited at the SAG Awards and the two were spotted hugging and smiling after they both won top awards. It was a karmic event and fans soaked it up.  Soon, reports began surfacing saying that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had found love again.

The only problem is neither Brad Pitt nor Jennifer Aniston ever confirmed it. It was clear that the two were on friendly terms and Brad even attended holiday parties that Jennifer threw, but so too has her other ex-husband Justin Theroux.

Now, Star magazine is reporting that after Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston tried their hand at love once again, Brad has ended things and moved on from Jennifer — once and for all.

A source stated the following to the outlet.

"Everyone's fully aware that she's head over heels in love with him. She was constantly having Courteney Cox and other mutual friends check in whit Brad and ask what his intentions were with her. She was too obvious and annoying."

The source continued.

"He wants a more low-key, easygoing relations with the next woman he falls in love with. But more than that, he doesn't want anyone who's bossy, needy or overly intense. So basically, he wants someone different from Jen and Angelina!"

The publication even went on to say that Brad and Jennifer were living together during the Coronavirus quarantine until Brad couldn't take it anymore and kicked Jennifer out of his house and seemingly out of his life again!

Again, none of this is confirmed and it has seemed that Jennifer Aniston was actually quarantining in her own home. What do you think? Do you believe Star's report?

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