Inmates Already Have A Way To Describe Ghislaine Maxwell Following Her Imprisonment

Inmates Already Have A Way To Describe Ghislaine Maxwell Following Her Imprisonment
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The New York Post says that Ghislaine Maxwell isn't exactly a fan-favorite among the other inmates at a New Hampshire jail. The outlet says that inmates inside the institution have described her as a "snooty rich b*tch."

A source who spoke with The Sun said that Jeffrey Epstein's former friend and helper was taken away from others at the Merrimack County jail after she was apprehended at her luxury hideaway on Thursday. The insider claimed that most people there wanted nothing to do with her.

Individuals who have been accused of sex crimes against children often have to band and work together so they aren't attacked by other inmates, the source explained. Currently, the former associate of Jeffrey Epstein is staying in Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center.

Reports have claimed the prison professionals are being especially careful with how they handle Maxwell because they don't want her to commit suicide the way Jeffrey did behind bars. Moreover, the MDC warden, Cameron Lindsay, claimed hurting someone like Maxwell would be a badge of honor among other inmates.

The warden for the institution went on to say that it's unclear how they'll go about managing her time there. They can keep her alone in a 10-foot-by-12 cell, or keep her in a larger cell with a different woman. The second tactic is normally used to thwart suicide attempts.

Regardless of how she stays behind bars, Maxwell will have a hard time coming to terms with her new life. She has to go from living an elite lifestyle to having guards strip search her and perform cavity searches as well.

Reportedly, Maxwell, who has approximately $20 million in her bank account, will have to get used to basic clothing, as well as a small mattress, blanket, and a pillow. As it was previously reported, Ghislaine was apprehended by authorities on Thursday.

The close friend of Prince Andrew was involved in the 66-year-old man, Jeffrey Epstein's human trafficking ring. He killed himself last year in August.

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