Yolanda Hadid Denies Rumors That She Let Ghislaine Maxwell Stay At Her House

Yolanda Hadid Denies Rumors That She Let Ghislaine Maxwell Stay At Her House
Credit: Source: AllAboutTrh.com

Yolanda Hadid is fighting back against the claims that she let Ghislaine Maxwell hide at her family's house in Pennsylvania in November 2019. Page Six picked up on a social media post from the ex- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in which she addressed the allegations from the Dutch journalist, Henk Van Ess.

Henk Van Ess claims that he tracked Maxwell by using her IP address and was able to pinpoint where she had been staying at one point in time amid Jeffrey Epstein's human trafficking controversy.

Henk said that Jeffrey Epstein's personal friend of many years, Maxwell, had gone to a doughnut shop around the area of the Hadid farmhouse in New Hope. He claims the socialite had been very friendly with the Hadid family for a long time.

Hadid denied the allegations, stating that she and her family have never associated with Ghislaine. The reality star took to her Twitter to say that the first time she had ever heard of Maxwell was when she watched the Jeffrey Epstein documentary on Netflix, like many other people in the world.

Hadid also went on to say that Henk never contacted her to get the real story. According to Page Six, Henk's tweets were uploaded on Thursday, but many of them have since been deleted. It was around the same time that Maxwell was arrested by the authorities.

Gigi also defended her mother, arguing that she never uses the Twitter application, which one could clearly see by looking at her account. As it was previously reported, Maxwell was apprehended by the authorities this past Thursday in Bradford, New Hampshire.

She has been accused of recruiting young girls, many of which were underaged, into a human trafficking ring. According to prosecutors, Ghislaine went into hiding not long after Epstein was arrested in July 2019.

Epstein died by a reported hanging just one month after his arrest, which has since caused a massive amount of support for conspiracy theories surrounding his death. In fact, since Ghislaine's apprehension, other people have begun speculating that Ghislaine will die in prison as well before a trial can start.


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