Ghislaine Maxwell Will 'Snitch' On Big Names Sources Say - She Doesn't Want To Go To Jail

Ghislaine Maxwell Will 'Snitch' On Big Names Sources Say - She Doesn't Want To Go To Jail
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Sources say that Ghislaine Maxwell's recent arrest by the authorities has a lot of powerful figures scared for their lives and reputations right now. As most know, Jeffrey Epstein was connected to Ghislaine Maxwell through their alleged sex trafficking ring.

Epstein, as a result of his social connections, developed close relationships with the elite including the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, in addition to very successful businessmen like Leslie Wexner.

Page Six reported on comments today from a former associate of Epstein, Steven Hoffenberg. He said that Ghislaine was going to be listing names of some of the most influential people regarding the controversial human trafficking case that involves underaged girls.

According to Hoffenberg, Maxwell's arrest came as a surprise to him. He stated that Ghislaine always considered herself as "untouchable," due to her and Jeffrey's relationships with intelligence communities.

Reportedly, the pair gave information to Israeli intelligence services and other organizations in exchange for connections and protection.

Laura Goldman, a former Maxwell associate, states that Ghislaine will likely do what she must to protect Prince Andrew, but for the others, on the other hand, she'll have less of an obligation to shield them from retribution.

According to Page Six, Laura Goldman says that Ghislaine has always felt loyal to Prince Andrew because he introduced her to the New York City social scene at a time when she was most vulnerable. Following her father's death, she felt like was "nothing."

Most men accused of consorting with Maxwell and Epstein, including Prince Andrew and Donald Trump, deny ever having sex with underaged girls. Bill Clinton hasn't been accused of the same crimes, however, he did admit to traveling on Epstein's plane, the Lolita Express.

In the past, Wexner, the Victoria's Secret billionaire, claimed Jeffrey Epstein was merely his money manager and that was the extent of their relationship. Hoffenberg served 18 years in prison for a scheme that he and Epstein were a part of.

According to Hoffenberg, Ghislaine is used to living a fantastic lifestyle. The chance of her staying silent to help out many of her former friends is small, he argued. Earlier this week, Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, stated that it was going to be a challenge to convict Maxwell.

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