In The Process Of His Colonoscopy, Ryan Reynolds Finds A Very Small Polyp

In The Process Of His Colonoscopy, Ryan Reynolds Finds A Very Small Polyp
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While live streaming his first colonoscopy in an effort to reduce the taboo around the process, Ryan Reynolds learned that he had a little polyp in his colon.

The 45-year-old Deadpool actor and Rob McElhenney, co-chairman of his Wrexham soccer club, have teamed up with Lead From Behind, a colon cancer awareness initiative, to encourage others, especially males, to get the operation when the time comes.

They expressed their motivation in a video posted to Reynold's channel on YouTube on Tuesday; they hoped to demonstrate the lifesaving potential of the easy fix.

Reynolds claimed he "would never in his right mind" allow any medical operation to be recorded and broadcast online. However, it's not often that you get the chance to spread the word about something that will unquestionably save lives. That's more than enough to convince me to share the experience of having a camera inserted where it shouldn't be.

There was a very small polyp on the right side of Reynolds' colon that was discovered during the treatment and removed.

The doctor assured the actor that the photographs of the tissue were possibly lifesaving and he was not exaggerating. Because of this, you are doing the right thing. No signs or symptoms were present.

Concerning McElhenney, his physician disclosed that they discovered three polyps that were not a major concern; however, it is certainly a fortunate thing that we discovered them early and were able to remove them.

Given that he had two more polyps than Reynolds had, the thrilled star of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, who is also 45 years old, joked that he had won the competition.

At the very end of the video, a message that said "colon cancer is preventable" was displayed on an otherwise black screen. If you are 45 years old or older, you should discuss getting a colonoscopy with your primary care physician. And assist Rob and Ryan smash cancer's a—.

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