Houston Rapper Says Jay-Z Kicked Other Rappers Off Of Beyonce's Set - He Didn't Want Them Watching Her Dance Moves

Houston Rapper Says Jay-Z Kicked Other Rappers Off Of Beyonce's Set - He Didn't Want Them Watching Her Dance Moves
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The Houston rapper, Bun B, says Jay-Z has been protective of Beyonce since the beginning, Page Six reported today. The other side of the hip-hop group, UGK, recently spoke with Sama'an Ashrawi of The Nostalgia Mixtape podcast about the set of Beyonce's 2005 single, "Check On It."

Bun B claims Jay-Z wanted all the other men on the set of the music video removed because he didn't want them looking at Beyonce's sexual dance moves and sultry costumes.

Bun B joked that it was weird seeing Beyonce Knowles dancing in a short skirt while wearing a bikini. The rapper went on to say that many of the other women were dancing in short skirts, including on a chair, and if one positioned their body in a certain way, it might be possible to see up the skirt.

The 47-year-old performing artist says Jay-Z wasn't happy about the video shoot, and he called one of Bey's assistants to ask about it. When he found out there were other men there, he said that was a problem, however, Bun believes the other men weren't straight.

According to Bun, the team then came over and kicked them out of the dressing rooms. "We're not allowed to watch Beyoncé dance anymore," he remarked. Not long after, Beyonce came up to everyone and said sorry.

As you may or may not know, Jay had UGK on his 2000 song, "Big Pimpin," as well as Bey's "Check On It." Jay-Z and Beyonce later got married in 2008. The celebrity couple has since become one of the most popular duos in the entertainment industry.

They've certainly had their struggles, however, including earlier this year when Jay-Z had to cancel his Made In America festival in Philadelphia due to the coronavirus . The spokesperson for the organization released a statement that touched on the pandemic as well as racial issues in the United States.

Of course, Jay-Z's festival isn't the only event to be canceled this year. Coachella was pushed until next year, and many film and TV sets were rescheduled until the foreseeable future.

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