Tory Lanez Described As 5'3" And 120 Pounds In New Arrest - Fans Ruthlessly Mock The Rapper's Frame

Tory Lanez Described As 5'3" And 120 Pounds In New Arrest - Fans Ruthlessly Mock The Rapper's Frame
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Last night, Tory Lanez had a run-in with the authorities. Police booked Tory Lanez on gun charges for which he was later released on a $35,000 bail. Since Tory's arrest, fans have been having a field date with his reported height and weight.

Official police documents claim Tory is just 5'3" and 120 pounds, and Twitter users haven't stopped making fun of him yet. One fan joked that women in the hip-hop community were sleeping with "prepubescent young men."

Another person joked that Tory was about the same size as an average 6th grader.

Reportedly, Megan Thee Stallion had to go to the hospital not long after Tory was booked in jail. Earlier this weekend, Tory and Megan were spotted hanging out with Kylie Jenner, which led many to believe the Kardashian Kurse was at play.

As it was previously reported, Megan Thee Stallion was taken to the hospital this week after her foot was beaten up. It's not clear what happened, but Hot New Hip Hop says she was rushed to a nearby medical center.

TMZ was the first to report that the police were called due to a Hollywood Hills altercation around 4:30 am Sunday. Passer-bys noted that people were arguing inside of an SUV, and suddenly rounds went off in the air. The vehicle then quickly left the scene of the crime.

Just a few hours later, the rapper was booked by the authorities on a felony concealed weapon. Megan Thee Stallion, on the other hand, was listed as the "victim" in the report.

The Shade Room was the first to report that Megan Thee Stallion had a laceration on her foot due to the broken glass of a car window. Megan is reportedly doing ok now after being discharged from the hospital.

The last time Tory Lanez was in the news was when he was spotted hanging around one of Future's baby mommas on social media. The rapper posted a video in which he and other women were partying in his home.

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