Hilary Duff Opens Up About Her New Routine In Lockdown With Her Family!

Hilary Duff Opens Up About Her New Routine In Lockdown With Her Family!
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Amid the global health crisis were are all still dealing with, Hilary Duff has been making sure to social distance. And since it’s been months since the COVID-19 quarantine started, the actress has had time to actually develop a whole new routine with her husband Matthew Koma , and their young ones .

She even admitted that while ‘some days are better than others’ the family of four has actually managed to find a new ‘normal!’

During a new interview for E! News, Hilary Duff dished that ‘I want things to go back to normal obviously, but I am not going to fight it. It has actually become the new norm—'here's what we're doing,' you know, 'we are still in this'—and it is not as much of a panic like, 'I cannot do it anymore.' Like, we are in this for a while, and I think that some days are better than some others. It is hard to complain because we have a pool, and backyard...and everything we need. We have food.'

She went on to say that ‘When school was ending, I started panicking and I was like, 'How am I gonna keep my son entertained all day long, you know? [But] We are doing good. We have created obstacle courses in our backyard with hula hoops and floats, and we play a lot of Monopoly. So, we are doing all right.’

The star also told the news outlet that she has definitely found the silver lining of the whole pandemic and that is that she gets to spend a lot more time with her kids and husband than usual.

‘It’s been a beautiful thing to watch my son play with my daughter every day and, like, actually want to, you know? I was worried they wouldn't have anything in common, but he's so good to her and she's obsessed with him.’

Duff concluded by saying that she was really grateful to have so much uninterrupted family time.

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