Questlove Reacts With Anger Over The Idea That Kanye West's 'Outbursts' Are Merely A Marketing Strategy For His Latest Album

Questlove Reacts With Anger Over The Idea That Kanye West's 'Outbursts' Are Merely A Marketing Strategy For His Latest Album
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Questlove was concerned for Kanye West's mental health, however, when he saw a tweet from one fan who claimed it was merely a marketing ploy for his new album, the drummer immediately changed his mind.

As it was previously reported, on the 21st of July, Kanye West took to his social media account to take aim at his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, as well as his own wife, Kim Kardashian. This all comes after his recent South Carolina rally in which he made a number of controversial claims.

Mr. West is currently attempting to run for the 2020 presidency, despite some reports suggesting it's too late for him to get in as an independent. Many key states have already passed their primaries.

Regardless, Kanye has been very active in the public ever since he said he was going to be the president of the United States. However, many of his cohorts in the music business are actually concerned for his wellbeing after some sources have claimed he's currently suffering through a manic episode.

As it was noted above, Kanye said on his Twitter account this week that his wife, Kim Kardashian, tried to get a doctor to fly out to Wyoming and have him institutionalized.

People such as 50 Cent, Westside Gunn, and many others have since commented on the rapper's condition, including 50, who urged the rapper to do whatever his wife says. Although, as usual, Curtis Jackson's post came with a hint of satire.

As for Questlove, the drummer wrote on his Twitter account that he "just got off work," and doesn't know what's going on. After learning Kanye just promoted a new record, DONDA, Questlove expressed his disappointment over having learned that it appears - at least in his eyes - to be a marketing strategy for his latest record.

Questlove wrote, "never again."

Followers of the news media know that even Dave Chappelle went out to Wyoming to hang out with Kanye. The rapper posted a picture in which he and the stand-up comedian were hanging around other men.

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