Henry Cavill Explains The Origin Of His Iconic "Arm Reload," From Mission Impossible - Fallout

Henry Cavill Explains The Origin Of His Iconic "Arm Reload," From Mission Impossible - Fallout
Credit: Eamonn M. McCormack

Henry Cavill has been all over the most popular and most lucrative franchises in the past few years. The British actor has played Superman in the DC Universe, he has played Sherlock Holmes in the Enola Holmes movie and he played rogue CIA agent August Walker in the Mission Impossible franchise.

Cavill has gotten quite famous for all of his roles but his role in Mission Impossible - Fallout has become synonymous with him for one very odd reason. His character has a signature move that he performs during a fight scene where he "reloads" his arm for the next bout as someone would reload a gun.

The reload has become quite popular and people ask Cavill to do it wherever he goes but the story behind the reload is actually quite funny and makes perfect sense. Cavill recalled the story while he appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. Cavill detailed the story in the following words:

“It was actually because we need to - it was a rather intense fight scene, we actually had been shooting it for about three weeks at that stage, which is a long time in comparison to things like The Witcher, we get a day. And everything starts to get quite sore after a while, because it’s a lot of repetitive motion. And the connective tendons in my biceps were getting sore, so I had to warm them up before I threw punches. I would literally do that to warm them up, and I did it once, and I thought ‘oh, god that probably looked really stupid I can’t believe I did that.’ And I said, ‘oh sorry McQ [director Christopher McQuarrie], I’ll do that again.’ And he’s like, ‘do what? Okay, whatever, let’s go again.’ And then I did another take without doing it, and he’s like, ‘why didn’t you do that thing? That was really good.’ And I was like, ‘that was good?’ And he said, ‘yes! Definitely do that.’ And we did.”

There is a lot of conversation going on about whether Cavill will return for future Mission Impossible movies and while nothing has been confirmed yet, director Christopher McQuarrie has said that the option is definitely open.


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