Heartbreaking Tributes For Ms. Minnie Of Little Women ATL Pour In After She Is Killed In Accident

Heartbreaking Tributes For Ms. Minnie Of Little Women ATL Pour In After She Is Killed In Accident
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Ashley 'Ms. Minnie' Ross has sadly passed away in a hit and run accident. The Little Women of Atlanta star was involved in a head-on collision in Atlanta at 11 p.m on Saturday.

There are conflicting reports on exactly what happened. While one source says she lost control of her car when she hit a curb and crossed into oncoming traffic, reps for the reality star claim that she was struck by another vehicle.

Either way, the hairstylist required medical attention and was in critical condition all the way up until her death Monday night.


The tributes have come pouring in from her co-stars and friends.

Terra Jole, executive producer of the Little Women franchise, shared a photo of herself and Minnie alongside a caption that read: 'There are no words to describe the turn of events these past few days. I’m deeply saddened that @msminnielwa is no longer with us but happy she now walks with angels. Minnie always spoke with her whole heart, listened with every word, and guided like the unspoken mama she is. You will be missed hard. Prayers to you and your family, your mom especially.'

Her closest friends on the show, Andrea and Amanda Salinas, wrote separate heartbreaking goodbyes via Instagram.

Andrea wrote: 'Minnie why did you have to leave us so soon !!.?? You were such a great friend / mama bear to us since the day we meet in LA To film the pilot shoot for the show omg i can’t believe this!! 💔 We are going to MISS YOU may you Rest In Peace my Minnie.'


While Amanda shared a message that read: 'As I’m writing this I’m in tears I can’t believe it my Minnie !!!! Why did they take you away from us !!!! WHY!!!!! It always seems like we have all the time in the world, only to realize how fleeting it really is. I wish we had more time to do and say the things we saved for later which along with you is gone forever 💔 I promise to keep you alive in my memories and be there for your mama @grneyes4life and your aunt @vdeloney72 . You were more than our best friend you were our big sister and still is !!! I still can’t believe this man why man why!!!! , I love you so much !!!! My heart is broken 😭💔 Rest In Peace my love.'


Miss Juicy, who had a friendly rivalry with her co-star, also spoke on her tragic passing via Instagram

'This is too much too much. Prayers for Minnie's family!!!'

Rest in peace to Ms. Minnie who was loved by both viewers and those closest to her.

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