Mackenzie McKee Reveals She'd Love To Adopt At Least A Child And Has Been 'Praying' For It!

Mackenzie McKee Reveals She'd Love To Adopt At Least A Child And Has Been 'Praying' For It!
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The Teen Mom OG revealed that she would really like to add more kids to the family! Mackenzie McKee, as fans know, is already a mother of one but, as it turns out, she wants to adopt as well.

In the aftermath of her mother’s passing, Mackenzie has been in mourning and trying to deal with the pain while also thinking it might be the time to add some more joy to her life by adopting a child.

Her mom, Angie Douthit, lost her long battle with cancer about 4 months ago and the reality TV star opened up about that during a new interview for HollywoofLife but also revealed more about her family plans for the future.

The 25 year old dished that ‘I would have five kids [if I could]. I would love to adopt from another country, or take in a kid who really needs a home. I’m praying for an opportunity like that.’

When asked how she is dealing with the loss of her mother, Mackenzie stated that: ‘I’m surviving. But I’m kind of glad that the show doesn’t air live because I got some time to gather myself.’

Of course it was really difficult to go through all that grief while on camera but the celeb thinks that there is a positive part about it as well.

As far as she is concerned, her mom’s death is bound to help others who ‘are going through this, will go through or have gone through this and they needed this.’

‘I thought mom was going to survive. She was Superwoman and she did just the unimaginable. She’s powerful. Doctors gave her 3 months and then she made it to a year. I thought that’s what her story on the show was going to be — she’d survive,’ Mackenzie candidly shared, adding that she never thought of the worst-case scenario.

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