Ammika Harris Gushes Over 'GOAT' Chris Brown After He Also Flirted With Her!

Ammika Harris Gushes Over 'GOAT' Chris Brown After He Also Flirted With Her!
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Things seem to be getting hotter and hotter by the day between Chris Brown and his baby mama, Ammika Harris, despite the physical distance between then amid the quarantine. That being said, after he previously flirted with her on social media, calling the model the ‘prettiest person’ in the world, she is paying back the favor, gushing over him as well.

That being said, Ammika did not shy away from calling her rumored boyfriend ‘the greatest of all time’ during a chat with some followers online earlier today.

Even though it was believed that the co-parents were not in a romantic relationship when their son was born, judging by the amount of flirting they have been doing lately, people are starting to assume that things have changed between them since.

Her compliment towards Chris started with a fan commenting under one of her posts: ‘Tell Chris he’s the [goat emoji]!!’

As you may know, ‘GOAT’ is used with the meaning of ‘greatest of all time’ and so, Ammika wrote those exact words in all caps as a response to the fan, pretty much translating the goat emoji.

To show how much she believes that is the case, she even added not one but two exclamation marks at the end!

Speaking of capital letters, his previous compliment for her was also written like that.

Chris commented under a sultry pic his baby mama shared a couple of days ago that she is the ‘prettiest person on the planet.’

Sure enough, Ammika looked stunning in a bra, her makeup light and long, dark hair cascading down beautifully.

While they seem closer than ever judging by their social media flirting, Chris and Ammika are unfortunately stuck in quarantine separately.

Ammika and their son Aeko are still in Germany with her family in isolation while Chris is back home in Los Angeles.

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