Harvey Weinstein's Trial Delayed Due To Lead Prosecutor Getting Something In Her Eye

Harvey Weinstein's Trial Delayed Due To Lead Prosecutor Getting Something In Her Eye
Credit: Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Harvey Weinstein got a break earlier this week. Page Six revealed that Harvey Weinstein's trial was cut short after the lead prosecutor got something stuck in her eye, and had to leave the court session suddenly. The court was adjourned for the day.

Justice James Burke of Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said before the court that they had a "medical issue" with one of the lawyers. Danny Frost, the District Attorney spokesperson, confirmed that the lead prosecutor got something in her eye so she had to go see a medical professional.

Soon after, the judge turned to the rest of the panel and said they would come back for Friday when the prosecutor feels better. This marks one of many times Weinstein's trial was postponed to a later date.

The producer is currently gearing up for the trial of his life in New York City, fighting the war for his future regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct he was previously hit with. Moreover, Harvey found himself in trouble once again in the courtroom when the judge castigated him for having two cell phones.

Reported by Suzy Kerry earlier this year, Weinstein purportedly was using two cell phones at once in the courtroom. Afterward, the producer asked for a new judge. In a written request, Weinstein's team argued it would be best for Justice James Burke to be removed from the bench.

Arthur Aidala, Weinstein's attorney-at-law, wrote that the judge made "prejudicial and inflammatory comments" about the producer, remarks that were widely reported on in the media. As it was previously reported, Judge Burke called out Weinstein on Tuesday morning for using his cellphone while waiting to sit at the defense table.

Justice James Burke reportedly asked him whether Weinstein wanted "texting in court" to be the reason for spending his life in jail. As most know, Harvey has been accused of sexual assault by a plethora of women. Several of whom claim the producer raped them, with many others accusing him of sexual harassment.

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