Harvey Weinstein Accusers Say They Refuse To Be 'Silenced' Ahead Of Trial

Harvey Weinstein Accusers Say They Refuse To Be 'Silenced' Ahead Of Trial
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Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault trial is about to begin in two days, and regardless of the verdict, his accusers, two dozen of them, issued a joint statement in which they claimed they would never stop speaking out.

In a statement on Friday, obtained by the Los Angeles Times, the Silence Breakers - a group including many of the former producer's purported victims - stated that next week, the world will watch as Harvey Weinstein goes on trial for a "fraction of the egregious crimes" he inflicted on others.

The letter describes Weinstein as a "serial predator" who abused women sexually for many years, using his status in the industry to silence women who would've someday told their stories of his misdeeds.

Thus far, Weinstein and his team haven't responded yet to the new statement from the Silence Breakers. As it was previously reported, Harvey is facing off against sexual assault charges on the 6th of January.

The former Hollywood movie mogul will defend himself against sexual assault accusations in varying forms in the city of New York. Harvey has continually denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. Despite his retreat away from the public eye, Harvey has still managed to stir controversy on occasion.

Back in December of 2019, Weinstein sat down with reporters from the New York Post where he said that he helped many women throughout their careers. The published remarks brought many critics, including a formal statement from 23 different women.

In the same month, the Los Angeles Times claims the LA District Attorney was looking at details in eight other cases against the former Hollywood mogul. The DA's office is considering pressing official charges against Weinstein.

Earlier in 2019, Weinstein and The Weinstein Company's board reached a $47,000,000 settlement with multiple women who accused him of either assaulting or harassing them. In March of 2018, The Weinstein Company also filed for bankruptcy protection.

Weinstein played a role in the production of many critically acclaimed and successful films, including The Kings Speech, Chicago, and Shakespeare in Love . However, The Weinstein Company fired him in October 2017 after dozens of women accused him of assault, harassment, rape, among other crimes.

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