Ashley Judd Accuses Harvey Weinstein Of Shifting The Blame On To Victims

Ashley Judd Accuses Harvey Weinstein Of Shifting The Blame On To Victims
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During a conversation with the New York Post, Harvey Weinstein defended himself against the swath of women who have accused him of rape, assault, and harassment. Page Six reported that Mr. Weinstein made a number of claims, which Ashley Judd referred to as "shifting the blame" on to the victims.

This Tuesday, Ashley signed a letter along with twenty-two other women and accused him of "trying to gaslight society again." On her Twitter account, Ashley stated that Mr. Weinstein was "denying, attacking, reversing, victim, order," which she described as "DARVO."

The actress went on to say that Mr. Weinstein was guilty of a type of behavior, described as a "predatorial strategy," whose primary objective is to place blame on the victim, rather than own up to what the accused did.

As it was previously reported, Judd was just one of many women who accused the disgraced movie mogul of sexual misconduct, with her case specifically occurring in the mid-1990s. Additionally, she claims Harvey wanted to shower in front of her during a hotel meeting.

Ashley rejected his sexual advances, and afterward, Harvey allegedly conspired with others to ruin her career and encourage other big names in the industry to avoid working with her. During a conversation with The Post on Friday, Harvey argued that he should've been thanked for his contributions to women's careers.

Mr. Weinstein stated he made more movies starring women, directed by women, and about women than anybody else did at the time. "I did it first!" Harvey said to the outlet, before going on to say, "I pioneered it!"

According to Page Six, Weinstein refused to talk about the sexual assault allegations during the conversation with The Post. He goes on trial next month. Followers of the case know it was the batch of allegations against Harvey Weinstein that first kicked off the #MeToo movement back in 2017.

In an expose from the New York Times and the New Yorker, dozens of women came out to accuse the producer of abusing his power, assaulting women, and ruining the careers of women who rebuffed his sexual interest.

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