Harvey Weinstein Accusers Awarded $19 Million In Civil Suit

Harvey Weinstein Accusers Awarded $19 Million In Civil Suit
Credit: Source: TheStar.com

Women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse and harassment received a $19 million payout following his conviction on rape and sexual assault charges. As it was previously reported, a large group of women filed a class-action lawsuit against The Weinstein Company.

A press release from the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, stated that the women were liable to receive a settlement package due to the treatment they received while working at The Weinstein Company.

Additionally, the Attorney General's office claimed that the non-disclosure agreements they previously signed would be wiped off the record and the victims were free to say what they wished. Back in February 2018, Bob Weinstein and Harvey became the subjects of a suit from the AG's office.

Harvey and Bob were accused of violating a number of workplace safety protections including against intimidation, sexual harassment, and other transgressions.

According to the Attorney General's office, there was a paper trail leading to the company's HR department, but many of the complaints were ignored or side-stepped altogether. Assistants and other people working with Weinstein were ordered to set up sexual encounters for him as part of their jobs.

Reportedly, the lawyer who represented the women in the suit is not happy with the settlement, because Harvey Weinstein, himself, didn't have to pay any money out of his own pockets. Much of the proposal was handled by an insurance company.

In March, a court of law sentenced the former movie-mogul to twenty-three years in prison after he was found guilty of forcing oral sex on Mimi Haley and raping the hairstylist, Jessica Mann, seven years ago in 2013.

Since the allegations came out, approximately 100 women accused the tycoon of harassment and sexual misconduct. Weinstein has been in the news for other reasons over the last few weeks as well, including his beef with James Gandolfini.


Reportedly, Weinstein wanted James to do late-night talk shows to promote The Sopranos, but James refused to do so. James reportedly claimed he was going to punch Harvey Weinstein in the face of the producer if he continued asking.

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