James Gandolfini Reportedly Once Threatened To Fight Harvey Weinstein

James Gandolfini Reportedly Once Threatened To Fight Harvey Weinstein
Credit: Source: FilmFervour.com

James Gandolfini, the Sopranos alum, once became so enraged with the actions of Harvey Weinstein before he was accused of sexual assault that he threatened to "beat the f*ck" out of the movie producer.

During an episode of Talking Sopranos , Steve Schirripa revealed his anecdote in which he and the co-hosts explained how James always avoided doing the talk-show circuit for the promotion of the legendary series.

According To The Hollywood Reporter, James only did one interview ever with 60 Minutes. Reportedly, this characteristic of James' personality led to friction between him and the entertainment media mogul.

During the creation of 2012's Killing Them Softly , Harvey and The Weinstein Company wanted him to appear on the David Letterman Show to promote the film. Schirripa said on the podcast that Harvey kept calling him, asking him to work with Letterman but James wouldn't do it.

Finally, James snapped and said he was going to "beat the f*ck out of him" if he called again. Schirripa explained that James wasn't happy with the amount of money he was paid to appear in the film. According to Schirripa, this was still when Weinstein had a reasonable amount of power in the industry.

According to Page Six, James once spoke to the Wall Street Journal about how he was approached to appear in the movie several times before he finally agreed. Andrew Dominik, the film's director, had been courting the actor for a long time before he finally gave in.

James died one year later in 2013. Of course, just four years later, Harvey was accused of sexual assault by a plethora of women in Hollywood amid the #MeToo movement which started with the allegations against him.

Harvey was eventually charged, convicted, and sentenced to a long prison sentence which he is currently serving today. Regarding the aforementioned movie, Killing Them Softly was a gangster film starring James and Brad Pitt.

It follows a hitman, portrayed by Brad Pitt, who chases down three small-time criminals who rob a mob-protected card game. The movie was created for $15 million and secured $37.9 million at the box office.


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