Halsey Shares Message To Fans After Her 2020 Grammy Nomination Snub

Halsey Shares Message To Fans After Her 2020 Grammy Nomination Snub
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Halsey has shared a message to her fans after her 2020 Grammy nomination snub. The singer is clapping back at trolls, while trying to ease the frustration her fans are feeling.

It has been a crazy Wednesday for Halsey. First, when the 2020 Grammy nomination were announced, her name was nowhere to be found. Then she had to endure the wrath of online haters who were mad she did not rush to defend the boy band, BTS.

The K-Pop band didn't earn a nomination either. Their fans felt Halsey should have stood up for the group, despite dealing with her own snub.

"halsey can call out the industry for taylor but not bts … but when i say she was milking they friendship i'm the bad guy," one hater Tweeted referencing her support for Taylor Swift amid the Scooter Braun drama.

The 'Without Me' singer fired back at the hater via her own Tweet.

"I just woke up and the biggest song of my career wasn't nominated either. Can u guys not take ur anger out on me for once," she wrote.

However not long after Halsey posted the note, she chose to delete the Tweet. Instead, Halsey expressed her message more positively.

"my fans please do not waste your anger or frustration. i see a lot of you are upset. of course im sad too. none of it matters. literally none of it. you're here. im here. + everything is gonna stay exactly the same and without me is still a super tight, record-breaking song," she said.

The 25-year-old songstress went on to let her fans know the snub was, unfortunately, the nature of the business. Awards season can be exciting but yet also challenging, Halsey alluded to that in her note too.

"congrats to the nominees. so much great music nominated this year. definitely, see a lot of my friends and colleagues missing from the nom lists, but the music speaks! this is how it goes every year right?" she shared.

Halsey wants her fans to focus on the fact she was not nominated for a Grammy award. She is proud of the music she produced this year, despite not receiving the recognition.

The singer was trying to be positive but did let some of the BTS haters have it. Halsey shared one last message letting the trolls know she would be ignoring all negativity on social media.

What do you think of Halsey being snubbed by the Grammy's?

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