Halsey Paints Upside Down, Acts, And Performs Live On 'Saturday Night Live' - Watch 'SNL' For Free

Halsey Paints Upside Down, Acts, And Performs Live On 'Saturday Night Live' - Watch 'SNL' For Free
Credit: Source: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Halsey was the host on Saturday Night Live , Season 44 episode 12 and many were concerned she was taking on more than she could handle. Known more for her singing, Halsey does have acting experience, but it wasn't enough to convince some on social media that she could host SNL without any serious mishaps. Well, the doubters have been silenced as Halsey proved there's no job too difficult for her. In fact, she not only sang, acted, and delivered excellent skits, but she also sang and painted upside down while doing so.

People are raving about Halsey today and her video performance of painting live and upside down while singing "Eastside" has gone viral.

Halsey, whose real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, gave a shout out to being from Jersey and then participated in numerous sketches. Not everyone agreed about the sketches success, but all were in unison when it came to describing Halsey's hosting skills.

All agreed that Halsey killed it.

Kelly Clarkson was so impressed with Halsey, she said it was the best she'd seen of Saturday Night Live in a while.

Halsey responded to the praise with humility.

"I.. am going to cry. I saw u at staples the night I found out I was hosting. I cried and laughed and you reminded me why i do this so this goes -such- a long way. Kelly thank u for being one of the reasons I write ur a queen."

Don't miss the video of Halsey painting and singing live on SNL in the player below.

If you want to see the full episode of Saturday Night Live, you can watch it online, free at Yahoo View.

Saturday Night Live was on hiatus during the Super Bowl and it certainly returned in a powerful way. Saturday Night Live is known for its political spoofs and satire and often features real-life trending news in their skits. This has made the show a success but is also very polarizing.

Halsey's episode was no different. Many of the skits were politically based and this has viewers split regarding their opinion of them.

Did you watch Halsey paint upside down while singing "Eastside?" What did you think of Saturday Night Live with Halsey as guest host?


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