The Beyhive Stings Steve Harvey's Daughter For Smiling At Jay-Z -- See The 'Flirtatious' Interaction

The Beyhive Stings Steve Harvey's Daughter For Smiling At Jay-Z -- See The 'Flirtatious' Interaction
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Lori Harvey is Instagram's latest 'It' girl and deservedly so. Although the internet has been praising Steve Harvey's daughter for the way she's handling her love life, the 22-year-old made one mistake at the Roc Nation pre-Grammy's party and is paying for it big time.

If you keep up with fan bases, you'd know that one of the most savage groups are Beyonce's stans who are deemed as 'The Beyhive.' Any time a public figure says something or does something regarding Beyonce in perpetuity that rubs them the wrong way -- they leave shocking comments accompanied by a bee emoji.


The Beyhive has memorably come after multiple celebrities such as Kid Rock and Keri Hilson. They've found a new target in Lori Harvey, the day time talk show host and comedian's daughter who has been linked to Trey Songz and Future among others.

While schmoozing with attendees at the Roc Nation event, Lori uploaded a video to her Instagram Story of her smiling at Jay-z with her head tilted a bit to the side. Instantaneously, the Hive fled to Harvey's comments o chastise her for interacting with Queen B's man.

"Smiling all in n***** face will get that pretty face f***** up we know u a pretty h** your mama was too watch ya self lil girl."

"You better sit that trifling thottin stanking a** down somewhere and STAY OUT Of MARRIED MEN FACES! mother like daughter but Not with JayZ!"

"Tah she trying to add jay-z to her collection now."


"It's not that she just smiled at him, it's the head tilt and gazing into his eyes that makes her look like a h**."

After multiple media outlets covered the drama, Lori stepped into the shade room to explain that she is actually a member of the Beyhive.

Do you think Lori was being too flirtatious? Is the Hive overeacting?

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