Grass From Kanye West's Coachella Easter Sunday Service Is Being Sold On eBay As “Holy Grass”

Grass From Kanye West's Coachella Easter Sunday Service Is Being Sold On eBay As “Holy Grass”
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Kanye West's Coachella Easter Sunday service has been a highly talked about affair. Now as rumors escalate that the rapper is thinking of opening his own church , grass from his holiday service is being sold on eBay.

No that is a joke, various sellers have "Holy Grass" and are selling it to the highest bidder.

Those who were unable to make it out to the desert last weekend to attend Yeezy's spiritual ceremony can now own a piece of it, for the right price of course. Oh, yes everything does have a price, and anything can be sold as long as a famous name is attached to the product.

One festival-goer is proving even a simple product, like a bag of grass, can be sold when the right name is attached to it. People magazine was first to break the story that two bags of grass from Wests' high-profile church service are up for grabs for a whopping $65 a pack. Yes, blades of grass that Kim Kardashian and her famous husband walked on can be yours.

However, after looking closer at eBay, it appears more bags of grass have been put up for auction on the site. Prices range from starting auction bids at $20 to buy it now at $170. All of the descriptions are clear the grass came the famous Sunday ceremony. However, some of the bags are listed as new, and others are listed as preowned.

There is no actual proof these bags of grass are from Kanye West Coachella Easter Sunday services last weekend. Each listing has a picture of a pack of grass being held up at what appears to be the service but can't be confirmed. As of right now there seems to be very little interest in the product, but there are still days left on all listings, so that could change.

West has been garnering a lot of attention since he started his musical and spiritual ceremonies every Sunday. Some attendees have reported there is now merchandise available for purchase at the services.

Items such as socks for $50 and sweatshirts for $225 designed specifically for his church are being sold. The merchandise has caused an uproar with fans who are angry at the rapper for putting such a hefty price on what is supposed to be spiritual merchandise.

What do you think about bags of grass allegedly from West's Coachella church service being sold on eBay?

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