Garcelle Beauvais Reveals She And Kyle Richards Are Not On Speaking Terms!

Garcelle Beauvais Reveals She And Kyle Richards Are Not On Speaking Terms!
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According to the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast member, she and Kyle Richards are not on speaking terms! Garcelle Beauvais told all about it while a guest on Wendy Williams' @home version of her talk show earlier today.

Garcelle admitted that there is indeed drama between her and the RHOBH OG and revealed that Kyle never took the time to know her!

Sure enough, fans have been able to see while watching the series that the two actresses have not done much bonding after Garcelle joined the cast this season.

'Kyle and I aren't talking, it's funny because I went on 'WWHL' and I had to pick someone who I wouldn't quarantine with and I picked her. She never took time to get to know me, that is where I was coming from. If you're an OG and somebody comes into your circle then I think it's your… if you're a host, you should be hosting me and saying, 'Hey let's get together,' she dished during the virtual interview.

Garcelle went on to say that 'I felt like people expect me to be the angry black woman, and that's not who I am. But, if you come for me, I will come for you too. I think the women were a bit hesitant this season, because I think they were afraid of black Twitter coming for them. So, everybody kind of tiptoed, but it wasn't about me starting stuff, it's really about letting people know who I am and what I'm about.'

After Garcelle's appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kyle reacted to what the other lady had to say and confessed that she was rather surprised to hear it.

She explained while on Maria Menounos' podcast, Better Together that they had no issues all season so she did not understand why she had to call her out.


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