Gabrielle Union Is Praising Adele - See Her Message

Gabrielle Union Is Praising Adele - See Her Message
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Gabrielle Union is praising Adele on her social media account. Check out the message that she shared on IG.

'Today’s #WCW is the beautiful and talented, @adele. Not only does this stunning woman have a voice of an angel, but her presence never fails to leave everyone in awe. She has 15 Grammys, but she remains one of the most humble people I know. The 1st time I met Adele I was warming up on the elliptical before my workout at the gym. I had a lot on my mind and had kinda zoned out when I felt someone touch my arm. I snap outta my fog and look up to see Adele,' Gabrielle said.

She continued: 'She had just finished her workout and took the time to introduce herself and big me up. I don’t know if she saw that I wasn't in the best place but her act of kindness in that moment meant everything to me. She saw me when I couldn't see myself. She is a good egg and a good sport (she loved @kaaviajames Halloween costume) I am so excited for everyone to listen to her latest album coming out THIS Friday, November 19th! Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.'

Someone else said: 'Her humility is the winner for me always, she is so relatable and sweet.'

A follower posted this: 'It never ceases to amaze me how certain people find us in challenging times and moments. This is a great reminder -we all have the power to positively impact others and not even know it.'

Someone else said: 'I love her , I literally be crying in my car listening to her songs,' and a commenter posted this: 'OMG the confidence level is mind blowing. She definitely NOT throwing up before performances anymore. Growth is beautiful to see.'

A follower said: 'I pray she sees this, @adele oh my favorite celebrity @gabunion loves one of my all-time favorite singers!!! #THEIRONY I love you both!!'

One commenter posted this: '@adele when I listened to this song I lost my shit..I cried and cried.. this song had blessed me and released me.. thank you so much for sharing your voice.'

Someone else said: 'Not embarrassed to say I've watched it six times already! Hold On and Love Is A Game!!! Simply Beautiful @adele thank you.'


Other than this, gaby is living her best life with her family and friends.

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