Adele Files For Divorce Months After Confirming Split From Simon Konecki

Adele Files For Divorce Months After Confirming Split From Simon Konecki
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According to new reports, Adele is making her split from her ex-husband Simon Konecki official by filing for divorce, months after announcing they were over. Court documents obtained by TMZ prove that she went ahead and filed the papers yesterday, September 12.

It’s been five months since the singer and the Drop4Drop CEO put an end to their seven years long relationship and two years long marriage.

The separation was previously confirmed by a rep on April 19.

As fans know, Simon and Adele have a child together – 6 year old son, Angelo – so despite the fact that they are no longer in a romantic relationship, the parents are committed to raising him ‘together lovingly.’

When it comes to the reason why the two may have split, one source told HollywoodLife that career pressures had a lot to do with it.

‘Adele is a wonderful mother and as hands on as she can be. However, it seemed like Simon and his feelings were suffering as he was becoming a stay at home dad, essentially. Adele's an extremely private person and she rarely talks to anyone about her personal life, but it has been hard for her because her career has consumed a lot of her time,’ they shared at the time.

The insider went on to also share that ‘She relied on Simon heavily and on nannies to help as she tried to balance personal life and work the best that she could. She loves her son so much.’

Apparently, the man wanted a ‘home base and steady lifestyle,’ something that Adele, despite being a devoted mom, could not give him since she was ‘constantly traveling’ and bringing Angelo along to London, juggling her superstardom and family life all the time.

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