Gabrielle Union Gives A Shoutout To A Virology Researcher

Gabrielle Union Gives A Shoutout To A Virology Researcher
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Gabrielle Union just gave a shoutout to a virology researcher as a part of her series of praising women and their important achievements. Check out the message that she shared on her social media account below.

'Today’s #wcw I am sending big barrels of gratitude to… Virology researcher @kizzyphd. She is the lead of the Coronavirus Team at the Vaccine Research Centers. While we have all been staying home doing our part, she has been working tirelessly to create a vaccine,' Gabrielle wrote.

'And it is thanks to her efforts that just this week, the USA has started vaccinations! (Also I wanted to note she is just 34 years old!) Thank you for being a role model, a pioneer, and an all-around hardworking badass. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there,' Gabrielle captioned her post.

A follwer said: 'I will not be so fast to congratulate the woman who doesn't like black people… But she deleted her Twitter…'

Someone else posetd this: 'Is is true that she tweeted out some really racist comments earlier this year??? I need clarity before I start celebrating people just because they're black. All skin folk ain't kinfolks!!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️'

A follower said: 'Do your research on this woman? It was actually her mentor that was running the vaccine operations they put her up as lead scientist to take the fall. She also doesn't like black people. Sociopaths and Narcs don't have no loyalty to their race.'

A commenter said: 'Is this a joke? That vaccine is poison no matter who “made” it.'

Gabrielle Union told fans that she’s dreaming about dancing on the tables until the sun comes up.


In other words, she probably misses normal life, just like everyone else. Check out her message.

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