G-Eazy Hooks Up With Megan Thee Stallion And People Say It's Just PR

G-Eazy Hooks Up With Megan Thee Stallion And People Say It's Just PR
Credit: BET

Just the other night, fans were surprised to see Megan Thee Stallion partying with G-Eazy. He's been recently in the spotlight, or better said, his name recently came up when a video went viral showing Halsey yelling at one member of the audience.

The reason was the fact that the audience member shouted G-Eazy’s name during her show. Halsey addressed the event on her social media account.

People have been saying now that she is probably fuming after the posts featuring G-Eazy and Megan surfaced online. He even posted her on his social media account. Check out these posts below.

Someone commented: 'She literally just enjoys herself and have fun and y’all try to link her with or to someone every 3-5 business days. Leave her alone😂'

Another follower said: 'Thee Great Stallion has no type 🗣😂'

Someone said: 'How did this ruin black history month, this is progress, a mixed couple who's not going to get killed after love, Y'all Perspective is off, we are free baby, thanks be to God, the only one true God, Jesus Christ. Be careful sis... God protect her, amen....'

G-Eazy also posted a photo of her on his social media account.

People were not exactly here for this.

Someone said: 'Bruh what is you doing 😂 your making yourself look like a clown more and more,' and one other follower posted this: 'You should be on the bachelor. You can’t make up your mind on what girl you want for the month week or hour. Lol.'

One otheer follower said: 'I mean who wouldn't want Meg she a Baddie..But she might be to much for G to handle😂😂'

Someone else posted this: 'We approve. Once you go black.. y’all know the rest ❤️✊🏼'

Are you here for this new romance that seems to be taking off in showbiz?


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