Future And Bow Wow's Baby Mama, Joie Chavis, Wins The Web With Epic Dance Video -- She Left The Competition Far Behind

Future And Bow Wow's Baby Mama, Joie Chavis, Wins The Web With Epic Dance Video -- She Left The Competition Far Behind
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Joie Chavis, the baby mama of rappers Future and Bow Wow, is reminding people on social media that when it comes to dancing, she just does not play -- the mother of two is in a league of her own.

Thursday, she took to Instagram to share her own spin on the #SavageRemixChallenge, and her fans were in awe with the way she handled the whole thing.

Joie moved like a real dancing queen as Beyoncé was belting her lyrics on the background. Despite the old negative headlines, the model showed that she has a lot of good in her.

The clip was accompanied by this humble caption: "Sweatin’ out my hair, and this quarantine bloat. 😩 #savageremixchallenge 🐝 PS. You all wrong for this one. It took a min @naenaetwins 😩😂🙌🏽."

Supporters could not understand what she was getting at about when she talked about "quarantine bloat" because her abs are in great shape.

One commenter wrote: "We obviously have two definitions for ‘bloat’ because mine doesn’t look like that. 😩"

A second follower shared this funny remark: "Future go $ave her she’s going crazy in that house... if you can’t make it send Bow."

Some are praising Bow Wow and Future for having dated some of the hottest women in the entertainment industry like Joe and Ciara.

A third comment read: "Y’all keep talking about she needs to pull her pants up when her business is literally geared around her body and fitness... she’s self-promoting sheesh! Just enjoy the vid!🔥🔥"

This social media user chimed in: "So great job Joie but y do the pants gotta b sagging & SHOWING butt...like ur a bomb dancer doesn’t need to do nothing extra😐."

A keen observer also added: "Girl, your body lit 🔥 and you look good.... and you dancing & I’m almost 50 I see nothing wrong with."

The previous comment was in reference to critics who say that Joie should have worn her pants a little higher. A lot of people hold negative views of the model.

She tried to clear those misconceptions recently when she said: "[Some people say], ‘Oh, she’s a gold digger. She’s just having these babies to secure a bag.’. I always have worked since I was 15 years old. I don’t know what it’s like to just not do anything."

Joie is a real danicing star, and she should be proud of herself.

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