Kandi Burruss Cozies Up In Bed With Husband Todd Tucker And Son Ace Along With Daughter Blaze In Adorable New Photo

Kandi Burruss Cozies Up In Bed With Husband Todd Tucker And Son Ace Along With Daughter Blaze In Adorable New Photo
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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has decided to delight her millions of followers with the perfect family photo.

The diva and reality TV star has a habit of posting sweet pictures, but this one might be the coziest and adorable of them all.

The family selfie includes Kandi, husband Todd Tucker, and their two young children -- Ace and baby Blaze. While the little group looked picture ready, Blaze found a way to steal the spotlight by holding on tightly to Todd's beard.

Fans of the family are amazed at how much Blaze looks like her mother while Ace is Todd's twin.

One fan had this reaction: "She legit has your face! 😩🤣🤣💜💜💜_ I heard when the doctors mix the sperm up real good the babies look like mom & dad evenly...😚Blaze holding on to her daddy beautiful family Todd and Kandi."

This backer stated: "Omggggg, Blaze is your Beautiful twin pic. It goes. Kandi Todd Kandi Todd 😂. Love it. 🤗 I love how Blaze in touching Todd's beard!"

This person revealed: "Ace looks like Todd, and Blaze looks like Kandi 😭😍"

In a recent interview, Kandi opened up about always wanting to have a large family, especially after marrying Todd in 2014 and how some relatives reacted when she explained that she had to use a surrogate.

Kandi had this to say: "I had a family member say something like, 'You're not concerned that you're not going to bond with your baby?' It's like, of course, I am concerned. I didn't need you to rub it in. You just have to remember everybody is not privy to how the process works. As you're educating yourself, you might want to educate your whole family and all your friends."

She also spoke about the bond with the surrogate who carried Blaze: "Don't get me wrong that some people prefer not to have a relationship with the carrier hand. That's fine. In the beginning, I was feeling this sadness because it was like, 'Oh my God, I'm not carrying my own child.' Once I got through that part of it, I just started enjoying it because it was like, 'Okay, we got a healthy baby on the way.'"

Kandi is always honest about her choices.

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