Former The Apprentice Employee Noel Casler Accuses Trump Of Being A Herpes-Ridden 'Addict' Who 'Barely Works'

Former The Apprentice Employee Noel Casler Accuses Trump Of Being A Herpes-Ridden 'Addict' Who 'Barely Works'
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There's no question that Donald Trump has managed to make a lot of enemies since he first announced his intention to run for the presidency.

While Trump has been a public figure for many years, including in New York City for his real estate ventures, and in the entertainment industry for his role on The Apprentice, Trump has found even more enemies through his relatively newfound status as a politician.

International Business Times recently picked up on a tweet from one of the president's former associates, Noel Casler, who worked with him on the set of NBC's popular series, The Apprentice . Noel accused Trump of a number of transgressions, including rarely working and also being an "addict."

Furthermore, Casler brought up the old "Russiagate" allegations, stating that the president has merely put himself in the White House to further his ties to the Russian mob, including in the protection of them, and also to facilitate his supposed money laundering operations which Trump has allegedly done in NYC for decades.

The majority of the audience for The Apprentice was Russians, Casler claimed. According to Casler, the only reason he wanted to become the president was to bring the USA for the benefit of Putin and the Russians.

Other claims from Trump's ex-associate was that when he first showed up to the set, they had to rent furniture to make him seem like he was more "prosperous," because, to producers, he looked "all old and worn out."Additionally, Casler accused the president of hiring his children just so they could take AFTRA wages and also ask for money for shooting.

And perhaps most bizarre of all, The Apprentice alum said the president had herpes. Noel claims that people who worked with Trump had to wear gloves due to fear of infection. Moreover, he claims the president earned the name, "Captain Valtrex," due to his supposed herpes-positive status.

Casler didn't have nice things to say about Ivanka Trump either. He urged his social media following to be wary of his daughter, Ivanka Trump, whom he claims is the real "brains behind the operation."

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