For Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner Revealed Her New Bleached Eyebrows

For Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner Revealed Her New Bleached Eyebrows
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Kylie Jenner's already bold look for Paris Fashion Week just became even more extreme with the addition of bleached eyebrows.

The star of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" appeared in public on Saturday wearing a skintight tan dress and later in a neon shirt dress, and her eyebrows had the distinct appearance of being lighter than they often are.

After showcasing the ensembles to her followers via Instagram Stories, Jenner filmed herself removing her makeup and posting the video to her account. She rubbed her brows together, bringing attention to the golden hairs that lay underneath.

In the later part of the same day, the reality star, who is 25, provided a more in-depth look at the new color in the form of a slideshow.

The beauty tycoon captioned photographs of herself resting in bed wearing a matching bra, underpants, and boots with the phrase "slay sleep repeat." The photos featured the makeup tycoon wearing all-black clothing.

Jenner can be seen in the steamy photographs munching on green grapes while she strikes seductive poses, her brows prominently against the bright background.

The Hulu personality's bleached style was met with various responses from her social media admirers. In the comments section of an Instagram post featuring Kylie Jenner, one user referred to Jenner as an angel, while another commented, "Bruh, ur eyebrows." Just strange.

The former member of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast is no stranger to whitening her brows, as evidenced by the fact that she documented the process in September 2015 when shooting a cover for Elle Canada.

Jenner wrote in the caption of an Instagram selfie she had taken while using bleach on her face. At the Met Gala seven years later, Kendall Jenner chose the same ensemble she wore at the previous year's event.

The model, who is 26 years old, wore a black tulle Prada top with a satin skirt to pay homage to the In America: An Anthology of Fashion theme that was taking place in May.


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