Fans Think Trya Banks Has A New Boyfriend After Supermodel Spotted Out For Dinner With The Same Man Twice

Fans Think Trya Banks Has A New Boyfriend After Supermodel Spotted Out For Dinner With The Same Man Twice
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Tyra Banks continues to make the news. Since appearing on an episode of TV One's Uncensored and announcing her plans for ModelLand, Tyra continues to draw headlines with the things she does and says. Now, she is the subject of much gossip and rumors after being spotted out to dinner with the same man twice. The Internet is blowing up with talk that Tyra is off the market and now in a relationship.

Not only was Tyra spotted dining with the handsome, Canadian businessman Louis Bélanger-Martin, but the pair were photographed with their arms around each other. Tyra was laid back and casual as she was spotted makeup-free and natural. The relationship-vibes the pair were giving was strong and many of Tyra's fans are excited for her.

After Tyra revealed that she was in a long-term, emotionally abusive relationship, her fans are hoping that she finds true love with a good man who will treat her and son York Banks Asla right.

You may see a report about Tyra Banks and Louis Bélanger-Martin reportedly enjoying two intimate dinners below.

According to the report, they were spotted together dining at the Hutong restaurant on both Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Page Six was first to report on the pair, and on their first outing they were joined by friends. Though that isn't enough in itself to suggest the two are a romantic couple, they were spotted again the following day enjoying a meal by themselves.

Reports suggest that Tyra Banks and Louis Bélanger-Martin have actually been seeing each other for several months, though that has not been verified.

The source reported that Tyra was keeping things low key and many people may not have recognized her because she had gone makeup-free and even wore sweatpants.

By Wednesday, however, Tyra was wearing full-on makeup and dressed up, therefore she was easily spotted and recognized.

Though it's unclear whether Louis Bélanger-Martin and Tyra Banks are just friends, a romantic couple, or is perhaps a business partner, the two have been spotted around Los Angeles together and it seems whatever the nature of their relationship is, the two get along fabulously and enjoy spending time together.

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